Get organised

Get organised

Do you feel like you work non stop but never get anything done?

Is your office or workspace total chaos?

Need to get organised?

Whether you know exactly what you need, or you really don’t know where to start… I can help!

I have worked with many businesses over the years and helped them improve efficiency through administration systems. I manage diaries, meetings, and events effectively, and have experience resolving difficult situations.

I can help you to

  • achieve more in less time
  • avoid duplicating work
  • project a better image to your clients
  • reduce your stress levels
  • have more time for other things

"Lisa is an extremely creative individual with great attention to detail.
I know I can rely on her to deliver to tight timescales" -Pat-

A customer came to me complaining about...

  • Cluttered office
  • Couldn’t find anything
  • Paper all over the place
  • Not organised at all
  • Behind on quotes going out
  • Losing jobs
  • High stress levels
Job sheet

I designed a system using this job sheet and now this customer enjoys:

  • Looking professional in front of customers
  • An organised approach to each job
  • Something the whole team can use
  • A dream office
  • Quotes going out on time
  • Winning more work
  • Achieving more in less time
  • Reduced stress levels