Portfolio of work

Organisation: Job sheet system

A customer came to me complaining about...

  • Cluttered office
  • Scraps of paper all over the place
  • Couldn’t find anything when they needed it
  • No organisation
  • Poor communication with the team
  • Behind on quotes going out to customers
  • Forgetting to call customers back
  • Losing jobs
  • High stress levels
Job sheet

I designed a system using this job sheet and now this customer enjoys:

  • Looking professional in front of customers
  • An organised approach to each job
  • Something the whole team can use
  • A dream office
  • Quotes going out on time
  • Winning more work and being able to manage it
  • Achieving more in less time
  • Reduced stress levels

“Before Lisa came to us, my office was a mess! I was missing out on jobs, forgetting to send quotes… I felt like I was drowning. Within one day Lisa came up with this job sheet and it’s totally changed the way we work. Everything runs smoothly, I’ve got more time on my hands and I’m keeping on top of everything” -Steve-

Project Management: Bathroom install


-Bathroom design and colour scheme-

-Quotation and communications-

-Price negotiations-

-Plan of works for multiple trades-

-Ordering materials and deliveries-

-Monitoring progress throughout-

-Customer communication throughout-

-Invoicing and credit control-

-Organising payments including CIS-

Bathroom plan

“Lisa did a great job from start to finish. She understood what needed to be done, managed the diary of multiple trades and the customer absolutely loved her! She kept them up to date with every step of the way” -Colin-

Administration: Invoice pads

This customer hand writes his invoices on site when the job is complete.

I designed and printed these invoice pads for him.

Every time he writes and invoice for his customer the pad creates a carbon copy on the page underneath so he gets a copy to keep!

He has one for quotations too!

“This invoice pad has saved me so much time! It also looks really professional; I can’t thank Lisa enough” -Ray-

Invoice pads