Brain dump

Having too many things to do can really prey on your mind…🤯

You can start to feel really overwhelmed and confused about what needs to be done first 🤯

Let me introduce you to a Brain Dump 💛

💛This is a great way to get all of those thoughts that are whizzing round your head on paper💛

Once they’re down on paper you instantly relax because you don’t have to remember them anymore!

🤯Having to remember those things can be very stressful for your mind so this is a great way to get them out of your head 🤯

👉Use this download to help you👈

✔️Set yourself 10-20mins to sit somewhere quiet with no distractions 

✔️ Grab a big piece of paper (I love A3 for this!)

✔️Follow the prompts on the document to get you thinking

✔️Scribble everything down 

Don’t worry about it being in any particular order at this point, we just want them all out of your head

⭐️Once you have your list you can start to prioritise it… what needs doing immediately? What can wait til next week?

Can you categorise it? Maybe use a highlighter pen to show the important things, or things that are grouped together…

✨Suddenly all of those thoughts don’t seem so daunting after all ✨

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