Idea session

🤔Got a task or project that needs your attention?

🤔Need to spark some creativity into something?

⚡️ Hold you own idea session and watch the sparks fly ⚡️

⚡️Think about the thing that needs some spark
⚡️Write down the main headline
⚡️Write down what you want to gain
⚡️Write down questions you need to ask yourself
⚡️Set some time aside where you can be left in peace
⚡️Get rid of all your distractions.
Turn your phone OFF, radio OFF, no kids, no chores, no doorbell. ZERO distractions
⚡️ Find a place where you feel relaxed…

It could be your garden, your favourite room in the house, the bath, a car park with a view..

⚡️Get your headlines and questions out

⚡️Really focus your attention

⚡️Watch the magic happen

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