Procrastinate much? It totally kills your productivity and really preys on your mind!

Top tips to beat it!!

✨ Write down all of the jobs you’ve been putting off

✨ Estimate how long it would take you

✨ Prioritise your list – which one is most important?

✨ Can you break it down into smaller chunks?

✨ Start with the most important

✨ Focus on one at a time

✨ Set a time when you will do it

✨ It’s much easier to do it first thing

✨ Before you do anything else

✨ Mentally prepare yourself

✨ Set a timer!!

✨ Remove all distractions

✨ Plan a little treat for when you’re finished 🍫

✨ Roll your sleeves up

✨ Get stuck right in!!!!!

When you’re finished it will feel SO GOOD 🥰

Savour every last second of your treat.

You totally deserve it!! 🌟

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