Set a Timer

Setting a timer is a great way to get yourself moving and get motivated.

Having a certain amount of time to complete a task, or just knowing the clock is ticking, gives you a sense of urgency and drive.

Setting a timer makes the task an exciting challenge to complete – racing against the clock to get it done before the buzzer goes off.

Or competing with yourself to beat the time you got the last time you did this task.

I am naturally quite competitive, and competing with myself feels like the ultimate challenge and a great way to keep bettering yourself.

If you’ve got a massive task ahead of you, setting a timer helps to make sure you don’t get lost in the details. It keeps you focussed and keeps your head down.

If it’s a task you hate doing, setting the timer will comfort you because you know you’ve only got to do it for a set amount of time. Knowing how long that tasks takes will help to motivate you next time you have to do it. You won’t feel so bad if you know it’s only going to take you x minutes to complete.

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